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Who Are We

Spero Solutions is a manufacturing company of construction materials. Spero focuses on introducing innovative and reliable solutions to the industry.  Day by day the construction industry is becoming more complicated and its needs expanding. Spero’s aim is to simplify the industry by introducing innovative and advanced products to the market at an economical price.

Spero is built upon four main pillars; Quality, Consistency, Innovation and Economy. As a company Spero deeply concerned about these aspects, and is equipped with a dynamic team who live by them. The Spero team is armed with Superior Technical Knowledge, Latest technology, Experience and Well Practiced Management Skills.

Through reducing waste, practicing environmental friendly operations and using proper raw materials, Spero is committed to protect the Mother Nature and always tries to blend in with nature.

Our Passion

As a young company we are very much passionate about modern day concepts such as Modern Architecture, Latest Industry Trends, and New Practices. Spero strives to facilitate this by providing innovative, but economical solutions to the industry. Never the less Spero respects culture and tradition, hence it introduces these practices by implementing moderate approach which maintains a balance of both Traditional and Modern Concepts.



Solutions for Floor Finishes

“How are we going to finish our floor?” Is a very important and common question amongst builders. Spero has several options and solutions for this. Laying tiles is the most common floor finish. Selecting the perfect tile is important, but most people forget or neglect the most important thing which is the bonding agent of the tile.

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Solutions for Wall Finishes

The finish of the wall is a key design factor in all types of building construction. The final finish of the walls is an important factor. There are so many techniques and finishes all around the world. In Sri Lanka there are plenty of wall finishes too. As a company we strive to cater to these vast array of finishes with a quality solution.

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  • Identifying the Need
  • Research & development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & After Sales

As a company we talk to the industry Leaders such as Charted Architects, Engineers, Designers and Construction Companies to identify the Latest Trends, Practical issues to get the quality finishes, Industry requirements to identify the needs.

Continues R&D to create the quality Solution to the identified needs. As a result of this process we finally decide what Best Raw Materials to use, the latest technology to manufacture consistent quality output and technical aspects of the product.

By adopting the R&D results we manufacture our developed products to give the best quality products in a very well controlled strict production line

We are trying to market our products by keeping our main motive of create affordable luxury. We do not stop at sales point. We are always there for our clients to help out all the technical and after sales support then need.

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